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Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black

Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black
Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black
Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black
Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black
Speaker Airpulse by Edifier A100 Black
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 692,74€
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Κωδικός: C-330002-DT
Hi-Res Audio Designed By Phil Jones The perfect set of speakers for your introduction to Hi-Res certified speakers. The A100 speakers are a fully featured set of active bookshelf speakers with multiple digital and analog inputs and are equipped with a subwoofer output for attaching an optional active subwoofer to reach the thundering lows of the audible spectrum. This horn loaded ribbon tweeter is made from a thin aluminum diaphragm provides a high-sensitivity, extended frequency range and a well-defined resolution. The shape itself directs an optimized high-frequency directly to the listener minimizing room reflection and leading to a superior imaging of the speaker. Stand out with the design of our speakers that speak to the modern-day sensibilities with its clean sleek angles. Choose from the striking black or stand out red and black cabinet housing. The bold highlighted cabinet from AirPulse adds a modern day feel to the decor of the room. Phil Jones’ technical and aesthetic design blends together to create a new generation of sound. Each cabinet is made from 18mm thick high-strength MDF with a piano lacquer finish. The interior is lined with a professional-grade sound absorption material to reduce unwanted coloration in your sound. The built-in amplifier is constructed with 2 parts of the TAS5754 Class-D amplifier chipset from Texas Instrument. This component combines high input sample rate support and high output PWM carrier frequency. Combining these two components achieves a low background noise and low distortion. The A100 is equipped with both digital and analog inputs. Connect your phone, laptop, computer and other devices with the following inputs. AUX, RCA, USB, Optical and Bluetooth. Both USB and optical inputs support up to 192KHz input sample. The Bluetooth input is support for aptX. Connect a subwoofer quickly and easily with available subwoofer out.
TWEETER UNIT:Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter MID-WOOFER:5 inch Aluminum Cone Underhung Design Neo. Power Mid-Woofer AMPLIFIER SYSTEM:Digtal Amplifer With Xmos Processor TOTAL POWER OUTPUT:L/R(Treble)10W+10W, L/R(Woofer): 40W+40W FREQUENCY RANGE:52Hz-40KHz SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO:L/R:?90dB(A) INPUT TYPE:AUX, PC, USB, Optical, Bluetooth. INPUT SENSITIVITY:AUX:450±50mV PC:550±50mV, USB:400±50mFFs, Optical:400±50mFFs, Bluetooth:500±50mFFs, Sub Out: 800mV(max) MAINS VOLTAGE:100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz DIMENSION:160x283x255mm NET WEIGHT:11 Kg(24.2lbs) WEIGHT:13.4 Kg(29.5lbs) PACKING DIMENSION:387x489x353mm

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